Entrepreneurship journalism project ideas for journalists


How can journalists survive in the age of digital disruption that has seen many losing their jobs and some organisations shutting down?

One main option is to come up with entrepreneurial journalism ideas they can nature and develop based on their experience in their traditional jobs.

Coming up with sustainable niche entrepreneurship concepts is not easy for many journalists but they are increasingly being forced by circumstances to do so.

A look through the projects of the inaugural cohort of 20 media entrepreneurs chosen by the Craig Newmark Graduate School of Journalism for its Entrepreneurial Journalism Creators Program is indicative of possible ideas journalists can work on.

They started the virtual program on October 13 to develop newsletters, podcasts, local sites, and other niche news products serving their audiences and communities.

Participants in this 100-day program will focus on market and audience needs and will learn to build a sustainable business around their niche venture.

journalists cohort
First Cohort of “Niche Media Entrepreneurs” Selected for New Certificate Program

“ We need more journalism entrepreneurs. We need more of them to come from and cater to underrepresented communities, and we need them to be able to earn a living through their ventures. We see an opportunity to shape, support, and serve this emerging, diverse group of “armies of one” by helping them with the complex process of carving out a sustainable niche for their product,” the school stated.

Below are five of the participants and their projects in the programme aimed at helping to “ reshape the next generation of journalism entrepreneurship.”

 Janet Otieno-Prosper, Kenya 

During the program, she will focus on African Ringer, a newsletter she co-founded that covers underreported stories about health, women and children in the continent.

Zakaria Zainal, Singapore

From projects on the Singapore Gurkhas to a multimedia documentary on living histories of displaced islanders south of Singapore, he is focused on telling stories about Asia.


Pallavi Sareen, India

During the program, she wants to work on the revenue model and audience growth of her venture. She has held various positions in media organizations in Jammu and Kashmir.

Ani Hao, United States, now in Hong Kong 

Hao will work on developing a business model for her newsletter New Wave – a biweekly newsletter that features essays and interviews with young feminists of colour from around the world.

Tabea Grzeszyk, Germany 

She will spend the program building a journalistic product around her book project https://unbiasthenews.org – a field guide to removing bias from newsrooms and a launchpad for a new kind of journalism that looks more like the society it serves.

Read full profile and details of projects by the participant and be inspired about entrepreneurship journalism projects you can work on.  


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