Nigeria Media Capacity Development Report 2020

Cover page of report Cover page of Nigeria Media Capacity Development Report



Cover page of report
Cover page of Nigeria Media Capacity Development Report

Holding webinars, online meetings, virtual programmes were not part of the plans of media support organizations for 2020. The year however turned out to be a period of largely remote trainings and other virtual engagements due to the Coronavirus pandemic protocols that did not allow for physical meetings, travels and other guidelines until when the restrictions were relaxed.

Despite the disruption of the scheduled programmes, journalists and other media professionals in the country benefitted from lots of capacity development initiatives of media NGOs, Institutions, corporate organizations and individuals.

The Nigeria Media Capacity Development Report 2020 which is the first edition of what will be an annual publication documents various programmes and activities held last year in the country that enhanced the capacity of media organizations and individuals.

It contains feedbacks from participants and beneficiaries of the various programmes and projects on what they learnt and suggestions for improvement.

Other contents include:

+ Attestations by journalists who maximises the opportunities they had in 2020

+ Opportunities for student journalists

+ Awards

female participants
Participants at training for female journalists by Illuminate Nigeria Development Network

+ Insightful interview quotes on capacity development by accomplished journalists

+ Funders

+ Database of media NGOs and support organisations

+How to maximise capacity development opportunities in 2021

+About Media Career Development Network

Download Full Copy of Report Nigeria Media Capacity Development Report 2020

participants at JAAIDS training
Participants at training by Journalists Against AIDS

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