#WNMC19: Key lessons for news publishers


The World News Media Congress ends on June 3, 2019 in Glasglow, Scotland. We bring you some of the key thoughts shared by some of the speakers at the event from the tweets on #WNMC19.


+”The biggest existential challenge that we face as publishers is not the platforms, but getting stuck with a single demographic and growing old with them” while losing touch with future audiences, younger audiences says NYTimes CEO Mark Thompson #wnmc19

+”The Washington Post is really impressive and innovative. It is also a very large news organization with very solid funding. What can smaller news organizations really learn from your experience?”

@ingeborgv asks $1m Q. @gjbarb suggest curiosity+willingness to experiment #WNMC19

“Having a purpose, having a strong team, and having a clear pitch”.

+@Zuj on what the Guardian has found was necessary in making its reader contribution strategy work. #WNMC19

+”A news organization is really only as good as its diversity,” says

@gjbarb. Great end to discussion of talent and diversity at #WNMC19 with @AlexaBorchardt @ingeborgv and @kirstystyles1

+.@OgunseyeToyosi : News orgs need to be clear publicly about what our position is on harassment. It instils confidence in the reporter and sends a strong message to harassers and others who may be tempted to do the same thing. + it shows our values. #WNMC19 #ItTakesAJournalist

+Funders should invest in the local media ecosystem rather than individual news outlets. Associations are key to making this happen. Changing to non-profit status will help media co.’s w/ funding. Some takeaways from funding session at #WNMC19

+Most innovation will come from the middle of the organization, from people with a maverick spirit and without a business plan. The challenge is to create a culture where that innovation can thrive, says Mark Thompson of

@nytimes. #WNMC19

+”No one has nailed [the talent challenge], exchange of best practice is vital”, says @AlexaBorchardt, adds “If you have no talent, you will have no product, no trust, and no business model.”

+You don’t “drive” innovation, says NYT CEO Mark Thompson, you build a culture and organization that embrace and encourage it. “A lot of CEOs go around talking about innovation even though in practice they inadvertently kill it every day.” #wnmc19

+Trust in news is about what we do. Trust is a relation with someone, somewhere. But because trust is relational, we do not get to be trusted on that basis alone. For that, we have to connect and demonstrate what we believe in and who we are for.

@rasmus_kleis #WNMC19


+@nytimes culture is changing, says Mark Thompson. 49 % of employees are millennials. More video, tech skills contribute to the new culture. But the core mission is independent quality journalism, and everyone buys into that. #WNMC19

+Liking the drivers for trust outlines by @rasmus_kleis a lot. Editorial practices are important, but they alone don’t make people trust journalism. It’s also a matter of building relationships with your audience. #WNMC19

+First find your audience, then nurture it and find out how you engage them – and only then consider how and if to monetize it. Good approach from Mark Thompson.


+“All chief executives talk about how much they support innovation, and most chief executives go around murdering it,” @nytimes CEO Mark Thompson says. #WNMC19

+“One thing we don’t talk about enough is costs, versus simply counting revenues,” says @DeanRoper of @NewspaperWorld on #worldpresstrends “we also need to include non-traditional revenues, whether that’s startups, events or marketing services” #WNMC19

+Mark Thompson: Our fate is no longer the traditional battle for advertisers, subscriptions, or even for readers. The major platforms are significant, but the battles between the platforms can end being incredibly damaging for publishers


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