Points of ponder for journalists, media organisations

participants at JAAIDS training Participants at training by Journalists Against AIDS

In the inaugural February 9, 2021 edition of #MediaSchoolNotes we shared some helpful reflective thoughts for journalists and media organisations.

*It’s not the number of stories you publish on your websites that matters, it’s the quality of the stories, how well you are able to optimise it, how engaging your social media posts is and more.

*Which Digital Policy is guiding your media organization’s digital operations? Without one, maximising the patronage you should get from various platforms is very slim.

*Many media organizations usually ask people to follow them on social media and visit their websites, but most of their staff are not doing the same. Shouldn’t charity start from the newsrooms?

*Online publishing is not about dumping content on your platforms, it requires engagement with your readers, monitoring comments, knowing your analytics and much more.

*Going digital is not about having an Online department with some staff operating on their own, it’s about the convergence of the media operations in which everyone is involved and plays his or her part.

*Without a content strategy for your platforms, you may just be publishing or broadcasting without getting the desired patronage or making the desired impact

*What is your career goal for this year? If you don’t have one, this year may end like the past ones you are not happy with what you accomplished or worse.

*Some broadcast stations usually end their bulletins with a call that the audience should check their websites for more details and additional reports. Many don’t have more than what was read. It’s better they don’t promise what they don’t have.

*You never know who is watching, listening or reading you. As long as you agree to do the job assigned to you, give it your best shot. The audience does not know what you are going through. They can only assess you based on your output.

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